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Carroll County Investigates Shooting of Young Person

By: Elizabeth Monte
Posted: Wednesday, July 03, 2013

The Carroll County Sheriff's Office is investigating the shooting of a young boy by another youth in the County.

The shooting is believed to be accidental. It happened when one of the boys took a shotgun, and while showing the other youth, the gun accidentally went off, shooting the youth in the stomach area.

Carroll County Sheriff Grudek said the boy was airlifted to Children's Hospital in Little Rock.  No information is available on the identity of the youth.

Michael Hunt - 07/08/2013 1:39:12 PM
Think of it as evolution in action.
Alex Albert's mom - 07/09/2013 6:14:36 PM
My son, Alex was shot by Corey King of Eureka Springs. King says it was an accident, but I do not believe it was.
Jesse Evans - 07/12/2013 7:12:58 PM
I agree with you Alex's mom. Corey King is BAD news. I cannot believe no charges were filed. You, as the mom, need to stay on the Sheriff's office to file some sort of charges. King is proficient with a shotgun. He knows gun safety. I, too, question the 'accident' theory. Go to the Prosecuting Attorney yourself if you have to. Although Rogers is a joke. I hope Alex recovers with no permanent damage. I cannot imagine his pain and suffering. And yours. SOMEONE should pay for that.
Christy Evans - 07/13/2013 10:13:57 AM
Everyone knows this was not an accident. Why is this web site not posting all the comments they have received concerning this matter? I know of at least 3 people who have posted their opinion, but it has not been published. Why?