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Reality Pawn and Game Show Filmed in Branson

By: Michael Greeley
Posted: Friday, August 16, 2013

The Discovery Channel will soon feature a new twist to the pawn show phenomena with the help of a Branson pawn store. 

Brian Roman is the operations manager for Branson Pawn and the Celebrity Car Museum.  He says they signed up with the Discovery Channel for eight episodes to host a new reality show that is a combination of Pawn Stars and Cash Cab.

Roman says customers can get more money for the item they are pawning if they can answer a question about it.  He says the more money at stake the more challenging the question will be:

Brian Roman

Roman says the show will be interactive with viewers at home too.  He says anyone with a computer or smartphone can answer the questions for a chance to win prizes.

The Discovery Channel’s “Pawn in the Game” may air sometime during their fall lineup or as late as January 2014 Roman says.

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