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Clever Man Seriously Injured, Charged with DWI

By: Luke Treat
Posted: Saturday, January 25, 2014

CLEVER, Mo. – A man from Clever suffers serious injuries after he crashed his car into a telephone pole Friday night.

According to Missouri Highway Patrol, 39-year-old Bryan Totter was driving southbound on Route K about two miles south of Clever when he ran off the right side of the road and hit a telephone pole. According to the accident report, Totter was not wearing a seat belt.

Totter was transported to Cox South in Springfield. Totter is being charged with Driving While Intoxicated, according to the arrest report. 

D. Totter - 09/24/2014 8:30:40 PM
The reporter asked consent of Bryan Totter while he was still in Neuro- Trauma ICU while heavily medicated. Bryan was unaware he was charged with a DWI or that he even spoke with a police officer the night of his accident. The DWI charge was dropped due to the fact that his blood alcohol content was under the legal limit. When the officer asked if he had been drinking, Bryan told the officer he did have a drink with dinner. The officer did not ask when he had dinner. He did have a drink with dinner at 4:30. His accident was around 8:00.