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Branson Centennial Salutes (Page 3)


100 Years of Heritage, Harmony, and Hospitality
Hometown Radio's Centennial Salute to Branson

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Earls Family Broadcasting and Hometown Radio (KRZK FM, KOMC FM, and KOMC AM) salute 100 of the people, businesses, landmarks, and events that have made Branson what it is today. Here are the first few salutes. More will be posted soon, stay tuned to this page for updates.

Centennial Salute #51: The Branson Hotel

Branson Hotel

In the aftermath of Branson’s devastating fire in the summer of 1912, only a handful of business buildings survived. Four structures that withstood the flames have withstood the test of time, and two remain open in their original capacity. Click here for the story of the Branson Hotel, the first of our 4-part series on these historic structures. Sponsored by L&J Plumbing.

Centennial Salute #52: Branson Depot

Branson Scenic Railway 

For this salute, we’ll look at another Branson original, that is still serving customers today: The Branson Depot, now known as the Branson Scenic Railway. Click here for our Centennial Salute. Sponsored by Grand Glitz.

Centennial Salute #53: Sullenger's Saloon

Plum Bazaar (Formerly Sullenger's Saloon)

It is said to have withstood fire, floods, and even a complete move down a Branson Hillside. Click here for the third installment of our series on Branson’s original buildings, Henry Sullenger’s indestructible saloon (now known as Plum Bazaar.) This salute is sponsored by Aaron's.


Centennial Salute #54: The Bank of Branson

Bank of Branson

Like in the story of the 3 Little Pigs, Branson’s first building made with bricks has withstood the test of time. Click here for our salute to the Bank of Branson. Sponsored by Famous Dave's


Centennial Salute #55: Townsend Godsey

Townsend Godsey

We’ve gazed at a lot of historic photographs in recognition of Branson’s Centennial Celebration. Click here for our salute to one the people behind the camera. Sponsored by Famous Dave's.


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