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November 25, 2014 - Kitchen Confidence

NOTE: Today, two articles are available featuring information from last week's show plus today's topic.

“Kitchen Confidence 101”

By Sandra Reames,

Carefree Catering,

 Branson, MO



How to Coordinate a Holiday Dinner/ Party!


Coordinating a holiday or large dinner takes some planning and organization!  I do similar to this listthis for every dinner that I cater.


Your date has been decided, if not do this.

Location and number of guest list are a given.


  1. Formal or casual?  Paper or Grandmothers China?  Tablecloths? Candles? Seated or buffet?
  2. Menu with all items listed including Appetizers, Entrees', salads, vegetables, drinks, desserts, butters, jam, sauces, rolls what ever that will be there to eat.
  3. This menu should contain recipes, amounts for each item.  Exp: Green Bean Casserole: Green Beans, mushroom soup, fried onion rings, butter, croutons and worachire sauce.
  4. Right here is when you should plan your left overs.  Yes left overs, do you want them or not and if so which ones and what are those recipes. Example: if you want Turkey Terrrozini and you need just  a few mushrooms, celery, or anything else buy and save back a handful of them now before you even cook your main dinner.  Remember it will be a Zoo out there just after Thanksgiving, Christmas Day, you may not want to get out.  You will need the rest.
  5. When you plan your left overs do you want to keep them?

Or send them home with your guest, either way you need to have the appropriate containers, so you won't be tearing the house apart after the meal or party.

  1. Now we start the important part for your meal/party.
    1. Clean the refrigerator,
    2. Clean the stove,
    3. clean out three ice chest, both inside and out. 
    4. Clear the kitchen cabinets and

11. an extra card table.  Do you remember how embarrassing it was last year when you opened your refrigerator and your guest found all of that stuff that you had stored in the back.



Start thawing the Turkey at least 3-5 days in advance of cooking.  Freeze the rolls.  Lay out bread to make it stale. Buying Fresh Turkey, buy it closer to the cooking time unless you are going to brine it.


Three days before: make dressing and refrigerate.

 Bake cakes that do not need refrigeration.

Make sweet Potato casserole.

Make Cranberry Sauce


Day Before:

Set the table or set up the buffet.

              Make Cream Pies or desserts that need refrigeration.

              Chop salads or another vegetables.

              Make any other type of appetizers that you are planning.

              Boil Hard-boiled eggs and prepare giblets and Turkey.


          The Day of:

             Clean, oil and season, Roast Turkey and Bake ( Warm)       

              ham, keep tightly covered until serving.

             ( neither of these need to be piping hot like your                                                  


              Make your gravy and Mashed potatoes.

              Toss your salad together, do not add dressings until last 


      Prepare your drinks like Tea and allow to cool.

               Make coffee.

               Add Giblets and hard-boiled eggs to gravy. And if you       

               have extra add to dressing.

                Heat up all over your vegetables and sides.

                Finish prep on appetizers.

                Heat Thawed rolls just before sitting down to dinner.


Some where before this you were supposed to have washed your hair, take a bath, have the dog groomed and clean the house, but you know this.  Then sit down to dinner looking like you haven't worked at all & be a charming host and hostess.


You know what next year Hire a Caterer!


My number is 417-230-5775


Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

To you from Scott and Sandra

Joe and Cathy Wolven of Gateway Gardens, Galena

Share there expertise in the kitchen.



The copying is stung out over several Pages.  I recommend copying and pasting desired recipes.

Or Load your printer with plenty of paper.


6 Titles!


Butternut Squash Soup


Quick Yeast Rolls


Easy Custard Pie


Canning Greens


Cooking turkey Tips


Duck ala Orange




















Listen to Sandra and Scott MC Caulley on the radio every Tuesday Morning on KRZK FM  106.3 @ 9:06.  We hope that you will listen and call in to help others and to share your experiences, good and bad!

Sandra has been a professional cook and caterer for 15 years.

Scott is a radio professional for over 23 years.

Both in the Branson, MO area.

 The articles and show are to help you find confidence in the kitchen where you can provided good tasting and  "better for you" meals to your family and friends even if you are an accomplished cook or a beginner, we all share those moments when we need help!  We both show how we need to laugh at our selves.


Any comments or information can be e-mailed to

 Sandra at

Sandra's  Phone 417-335-5655


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