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April 22, 2014 - Kitchen Confidence

“Kitchen Confidence 101”

By Sandra Reames,

Carefree Catering,

 Branson, MO



Learn to cook!


There are so many excuses for not learning how to cook.

I am to young.

I am to old.

I don't care what I eat.

I don't want the mess.

I don't want to shop for anything other than fun stuff.

Takes to much time.

I am to smart to cook.

Its no fun.

My Mom was to good of a cook, can't compete.

My children prefer fast food.

The more you learn to do, the more you will have to do.

I am no chef

Its cheaper to eat out.

Etc Etc.


Actually all of these excuses is like saying “I am to young or to old to smart or to dumb to take care of myself or my family.”

(Never looked at it that way did you?)


Wonder if :  You applied all of these excuses to your career, raising children, your marriage, your family and friends.


Other animals start taking care of their food needs early.


Mom may show them a few times, but after that they are on their own.   Chickens pop out of the egg and go to eating.  Others may have mother's milk for a few weeks or months, but after that it is all demonstration, eat or starve.


Some of the best cooks that I have known and other I am still meeting are those who at a late age in life are learning to take care of them selves, taking the responsibility of their health and tired of the same ole stuff they eat out every day.


When going out to eat becomes hum drum it won't get better with out a little intervention.


I talked to a listener the other day called Mel, who was raised in the South.  He helped and watched his Dad Barbeque a young goat and they used vegetables from their farm.


He got away from that life, now he is a little older, he is assuming all of the responsibility for his health and actually developing new and healthier recipes for himself and would be glad to share them with others.


Using things like unbleached flour, whole wheat products, olive oil instead of lards and vegetable oils.

To me doing these experiments latter in life, means that he is not planning on checking out on this earthly life anytime soon,

in-fact he is ready to start living better.


When I see people which includes both men and women that start to cook, means to me:  That they are ready to live better, and they will go to any extent to do it.   They are continuing to learn which is a sure sign you want to be a real part of life


Remember “All food doesn’t have to be healthy, perfect or without blemish.”

Cooking and food are like other parts of life:

“You win some and you loose some.”


Listen to Sandra and Scott MC Caulley on the radio every Tuesday Morning on KRZK FM  106.3 9:06.  We hope that you will listen and call in to help others and to share your experiences, good and bad!

Sandra has been a professional cook and caterer for 15 years.

Scott is a radio professional for over 23 years.

Both in the Branson, MO area.

 The articles and show are to help you find confidence in the kitchen where you can provided good tasting and  "better for you" meals to your family and friends even if you are an accomplished cook or a beginner, we all share those moments when we need help!  We both show how we need to laugh at our selves.


Any comments or information can be e-mailed to

 Sandra at

Sandra's  Phone 417-335-5655