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September 9, 2014 - Kitchen Confidence

“Kitchen Confidence 101”

By Sandra Reames,

Carefree Catering,

 Branson, MO



Soul food, What Part of the Pig did you eat from?

First in a short series on soul US Soul Foods.

 “Ham and Beans has survived 57 years as Ozark Food.”

 This year is the 57th year of Branson United Methodist Church's Ham and Bean Dinner, an annual fund raiser.  The monies raised will go to local missions. Located at 1208 Hwy 76, Branson, mo.

 Think of what it must have been 57 years ago here in the Ozarks, surely nothing as we see today.  That was 1957 even table rock dam had not been completed until 1959.  Community or church dinners were the main stay of the of the remote Ozark’s families.

The meal was way to welcome new comers, to stay in contact with neighbors and family that you may not have seen all year and last but not lest , to help raise some monies, mainly to build a new church or take care of the old one. 

The original meal, reported by some of the original  members of BUMC: was Venison and other wild Game, the men would hunt for, some over the years it was changed to ham.  It was  cooked until tender in a pot of beans, with fresh cornbread and I am sure homemade desserts, of some type.

Bean were dried, ham may have been smoked or fresh.  Could have been from a family pig, but I think it was more of a wild variety or boar. 

It is still that way, BUMC wants  to enhance our connection to our neighbors and friends.  Invite our newcomers and visitors and just  have everyone come together to socialize and have a meal a good meal

This years dates are Thursday and Friday Oct 2 & 3  for lunch and dinners both days.


“You Should be there, everybody else will be.”

 Liisten to Sandra and Scott MC Caulley on the radio every Tuesday Morning on KRZK FM  106.3 @ 9:06.  We hope that you will listen and call in to help others and to share your experiences, good and bad!

Sandra has been a professional cook and caterer for 15 years.

Scott is a radio professional for over 23 years.

Both in the Branson, MO area.

 The articles and show are to help you find confidence in the kitchen where you can provided good tasting and  "better for you" meals to your family and friends even if you are an accomplished cook or a beginner, we all share those moments when we need help!  We both show how we need to laugh at our selves.


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