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KOMC FM Program Guide

"Timeless Favorites in the Ozarks"

That statement correctly describes what you can find every day at 100.1, KOMC...but it doesn't begin to scratch the surface of just how many of your favorites you might hear. 

In today's world of big corporate radio that is frequently overrun with consultants, there is a noticeable "sameness" to many stations across the nation.  At 100.1, KOMC, we've admittedly broken a few radio "rules" by expanding the base of the music you hear.  Our station isn't just 400 of the best-known titles repeated over and over and over again.  We seek to play as many of your favorites as we can. 

We also have a very definite commitment to News.  You can hear the industry's best - C.B.S. News - at the top of every hour.  Further, we present expanded news coverage at 7am, 12noon and 5pm every weekday.  There's also an expanded report Saturday mornings at 7am.  In addition to C.B.S. News, there's local news from Sally Kaucher and Sam Clanton, Sports with Scott McCaulley, expanded weather information, "The Osgood File", featuring Charles Osgood, "Health Watch" with Dr. Jennifer Ashton of Prevention magazine and commentary from nationally-known broadcast journalists like Dave Ross.

With music that stretches from the 50's to the 90's and beyond coupled with News and Information for people who think, there simply is no other radio station quite like 100.1, KOMC.


"Eric Marshall's Mornings Over Easy", 6am - 10am

"Janet Ellis, 10am - 1pm"

"KOMC's News at Noon", 12noon - 1pm

"Greg Pyron", 1pm - 7pm

"KOMC's Afternoon Report", 5pm - 6pm

"Matt Duncan", 7pm - 12midnight

"The Bill Miller Show", Sundays, 7am - 12noon.  Bill Miller features vintage music and radio shows, the "Big Band Break" and frequently talks with the original artists of the original hits.


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