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Lost and Found Pets



The Branson Pet Resort
Lost and Found Pet Report:


(For pet lodging and obediance training, call the Branson Pet Resort at 335-6045) 

Let us help you find your pet!

Call KOMC-KRZK at (417) 334-6003 or CLICK HERE to email your information.
You may also attach a photo of the pet for inclusion in our Lost and Found Pet listings
(If you don't use outlook, send your posts to
with "Lost/Found Pet" in the subject line.)

LOST: Black & white Shitzu on Y Hwy in Forsyth.  Call 545-0970.  (9/16 tw)

LOST: A walker, red frame with a black seat and basket. Lost on southbound 65 between Hwys 265 and 86. Call 332-2378 or 294-5356. (9-15 tw)

LOST:  2 male dogs.  A German Shepherd/Australian Shepherd mix and a Golden Retriever/Great Pyranese mix.  No collars.  Lost in the Wheelerville area.  Call 417-739-4398





NEED:  Shepherd of the Hills Humane Society is in need of dog food, liquid laundry detergent, bleach, odoban, disinfectant spray, paper towels and white copy paper.  Any assistance you can give would be appreciated.