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Obama defends U.S. foreign policy: "It's not neat and it's not smooth"
As global crises escalate in the Middle East, Ukraine and elsewhere, the president argues the United States hasn't lost its diplomatic influence

U.S. calls Israeli soldier's alleged abduction "barbaric"
Kerry denounces as "outrageous" deadly militant attack as U.N. chief urges both sides "to show maximum restraint"

Ebola: What you need to know
As the first Americans who will be treated for the virus here are brought home from West Africa, questions are being asked about whether it could spread

The secret to career success? Enthusiasm
In 1980, Morley Safer traveled to Dallas to uncover the multimillion-dollar industry that was making people richer, better, and happier

Obama: "We tortured some folks" after 9/11
But president says Americans should not be too "sanctimonious" about passing judgment

NYPD "chokehold arrest" of Eric Garner ruled homicide
Report says medical examiner found Eric Garner's death was caused by "the compression of his chest and prone positioning" when police restrained him

California man nearly loses leg to spider bite
After 10 surgeries and 8 weeks in the hospital, Todd Thomas wants others to learn from his story

Obama signs bill "unlocking" cellphones
But how much of an impact will the highly popular law actually have?

Photos of the week
The best images from the week's news, July 26-Aug. 1, 2014

2 Americans infected with Ebola to be treated at Atlanta hospital
Dr. Kent Brantly and Nancy Writebol, who contracted deadly virus in Liberia, will receive care at specialized unit of Emory University Hospital

Judge: "Slenderman" stabbing suspect not competent for trial
A Wisconsin judge ruled Friday one of two 12-year-old girls accused of brutally stabbing a classmate in an attempt to please a fictional online horror character is not mentally competent

Could ants change the course of climate change?
These small insects may have a big impact on soil components that help cool the Earth

Expert: Skydiver's death caused by "mini-tornado"
Accident killed correction officer who wanted to toast his birthday with an unforgettable adventure

"Fab Five" quintuplets go home after 4 months
A rare set of quintuplets born in March in Dallas were cleared to go home with their family, doctors say

S&P 500 slumps to biggest loss in more than 2 years
After a five-month upward climb, financial markets nosed down as investors retrenched

Fla. man guilty of throwing baby from car window
A jury found a Florida man guilty of first-degree-murder after throwing a 3-month-old boy out of a moving car onto a highway, killing the baby instantly

Mich. couple held on $500k bail in dogs fatal mauling of jogger
Valbona Lucaj, 44, and husband Sebastiano Quagliata, 45, are charged with second-degree murder and possessing a dangerous animal causing death in the July 23 incident

2014 Nat Geo contest winners
More than 18,000 applicants sent in photos from around the world as part of National Geographic's annual traveler photo contest

Missing Ind. woman's ex admits to killing, burying her
Court documents say Scott Schuck admitted to striking and strangling Rebecca Cassidy, 33, in April 2010

Calif. condo residents decry nearby rooftop funerals
A California cemetery has begun performing funerals on the roof of its mausoleum; that has residents of a neighboring condo angry enough to wake the dead