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Nurse defies Ebola quarantine
State health officials going to court in effort to detain nurse who volunteered in Sierra Leone with Doctors Without Borders

Deadly plane crash into Kansas airport building
At least 2 dead as small plane crashes into flight safety building in Wichita

Race in America: Focus group discussion becomes heated
Republican strategist and CBS News contributor Frank Luntz brought together 17 people to talk about race relations in America

"60 Minutes" Moment of the Week: Overcoming fear to care for an Ebola patient
Nurse Sidia Rose says she was so scared that she wept when she learned her Dallas hospital likely had an Ebola patient -- then she suited up and went in to care for him. Watch Scott Pelley?s full report, "Treating Ebola."

Thomas Menino, former Boston mayor, dies at 71
The city's longest serving mayor was diagnosed with cancer a month after leaving office

Did an FBI sting operation in Vegas cross the line?
Eight men accused of running illegal gambling operation in Las Vegas now challenging the federal agents who busted them

Lava flows on Hawaii's Big Island
Lava started flowing from K?lauea in late June and became more active in September

Yale grad student free from Ebola quarantine
Ryan Boyko tested negative for the virus, but Connecticut officials insisted he remain isolated at home, a decision he calls "simply unnecessary"

One age group much more likely to die from Ebola
Latest study reveals who's most at risk from the devastating disease; age makes a dramatic difference

Christie takes on Sandy heckler: "Sit down and shut up"
New Jersey governor gets into war of words with former councilman who gave Christie a strange offer after their heated exchange

Iraq vet convicted for owning pet ducks to relieve PTSD
Ohio Army veteran says his ducks help relieve his post-traumatic stress disorder and depression

?How higher-octane gas could cut emissions and save billions of dollars
Researchers argue for nationwide shift to more premium fuel at the pump

Seeing the Sistine Chapel in a whole new light
Four hundred fifty years after Michelangelo's death, his masterpieces are being preserved through LED lights, new air conditioning system

Lava creeps within 100 feet of Hawaii home
Also nears main road; mandatory evacuations possible; how letting people watch the lava flow could help them

Wanted in the U.S., Roman Polanski questioned in Poland
Filmmaker charged with having a sex with a minor remains free after fleeing the U.S. in 1978

Whiskey pulled over antifreeze ingredient, but not in U.S.
One of the fastest-growing liquor brands in America has European health officials making big changes, but Americans won't see the same reaction

Civil War museum to showcase severed arm for Halloween
Officials speculate the arm was torn from a soldier's body at the Battle of Antietam in 1862

Creative celeb baby names
Some of us may look up to celebrities, but when it comes to these outrageous baby names, it may be best to look elsewhere

Gerber sued over baby formula health claims
Does the formula really help protect kids from allergies?

Credit cards that might make you scream
Read on for a look at the best -- and worst -- cards for rewards, students, business owners and other categories