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El Nino could bring record-breaking weather to U.S.
Giant phenomenon threatens to change weather patterns around the world, affecting billions of people

Why the U.S. middle class is falling behind Canada?s
The American middle class has slipped from its perch as the world?s wealthiest

New law allows Georgia residents to carry guns in churches, schools, bars
Ga. gov. defends move to allow guns in churches and schools under certain circumstances as Second Amendment right

Former Fortune 500 exec charged in deadly crash
Robert Dellinger told police he was trying to commit suicide when he drove his pickup across a New Hampshire interstate, killing a pregnant woman and her husband

Minn. homeowner: 2 teens shot were "vermin," not human
Jurors in Minn. murder trial of man who killed two teens after they broke into his home, heard what he said on audio recording right after the shooting

Parents suffer through grim search for dead teen ferry passengers
Anguished families check boards and TV screens for details to help them identify bodies of loved ones missing since ferry sank eight days ago

Prince Charles' brother-in-law dies in New York after head injury
Mark Shand, the brother of Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, died in the hospital after falling late Tuesday

For Chicago rowers, path to better life begins at river's edge
Chicago man's rowing program is proving a pair of oars can turn the tide of a young person's life

Guam-sized iceberg drifts away from Antarctic glacier
Scientist says iceberg, which is roughly six times as big as Manhattan and 1,600 feet thick, is not a threat to shipping

Jodie Foster marries Alexandra Hedison
The actress wed her photographer girlfriend last weekend

Clemson coach accused of pushing religion on football team
Coach says he won't change anything after group complains he is promoting his own Christian religion among players at publicly funded institution

Supreme Court throws out $3.4M award to child rape, porn victim
Ruling leaves unsettled how victims in pornography cases should be compensated

Seattle Seahawks QB Russell Wilson to divorce
Wilson, who led Seattle to its first Super Bowl title in February, announced he and wife Ashton are splitting up

Russia's youngest cadets
Life in a Russian military academy

Woman settles with TSA over breast milk incident
Passenger says TSA agents ignored their own guidelines when they detained her after she refused to let them X-ray bottles of pumped breast milk for her baby

"Bachelorette" contestant dies after paragliding accident
A contestant on Andi Dorfman's upcoming season of "The Bachelorette" dies from injuries incurred Sunday

Stars who love soccer
Some of these celebrity fans of the sport may surprise you

Marijuana use may lead to cardiac arrest and other heart problems
A new study finds young adults who smoke cannabis increase their risk for heart attack and other cardiovascular problems

Sri Lanka to deport British woman over tattoo
Police say tattooed tourist was arrested at airport for "hurting others' religious feelings"

Obama dines at world-class sushi restaurant in Japan
After landing in Tokyo, the president and Japanese prime minister ate at famous sushi chef Jiro Ono?s Sukibayashi Jiro