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Obama: "Consequences" for Russia over Ukraine
President tells CBS News Russia has continued to violate Ukraine's sovereignty by supporting militias in the eastern and southern parts of the country

Horse tosses driver, goes on wild ride in Savannah, Ga.
Video catches driver of horse cart losing control and getting tossed when her horse loses its bit, sending the driverless carriage careening around downtown

US Airways staffer won't be fired for tweeting "inappropriate image"
US Airways staffer who accidentally tweeted a photo of a woman's private parts will not be fired

Kim Jong Un's "bad hair day" sparks a diplomatic to-do
London salon's poster mocking Kim Jung Un's distinctive style prompts row between U.K., N.Korea

Don't tase students at school, activists say
Lawmakers in some states want to ban Tasers in schools; officers from at least 5,000 law enforcement agency carry them at schools

Nearly 300, mostly teens, missing after South Korean ferry sinks
Dazed survivors say they were told to wait for rescuers instead of trying to escape; frantic parents seek news of teenage passengers who were on high school trip

Murder victim was on phone with 911 for 12 minutes, cops say
Denver police say a mother in fear for her life spent 12 minutes on the phone with 911 before she was shot to death by her husband

Lost sea lion pup found more than 100 miles inland
Malnourished "Hoppie" is being nursed back to health after being found wandering in California's San Luis National Wildlife Refuge

Elizabeth Warren: White House wanted me to be a "cheerleader"
Mass. senator wonders about sexism in encounter with W.H. staffer over her role with Consumer Financial Protection Bureau

Ex-Calif. city leader gets 12 years in prison for corruption
Robert Rizzo gave himself annual salary and benefits package of $1.5 million in city where a quarter of the population lives below federal poverty line

Federal judge rules on controversial abortion law in N.D.
Measure signed into law in 2013 bans abortions as early as six weeks into pregnancy

T. rex arrives in Washington
Original fossilized bones of Tyrannosaurus rex discovered in Montana arrive at the National Museum of Natural History

Boston man charged over fake bomb at marathon site
Kevin Edson, 25, allegedly left a backpack with a rice cooker full of confetti near the marathon finish line

Formerly conjoined twin boys released from Dallas hospital
Owen and Emmett Ezell were born joined at the abdomen and doctors weren't sure they'd survive

Oy vey! It's a gefilte fish shortage
The traditional Passover dish is on the endangered list this year, thanks to the Great Lakes' deep freeze

Death toll from Washington mudslide rises again
As workers continue to search for bodies, a new priority emerges for clean-up crews

Hottest cars at New York Auto Show
Latest automobile models revealed at New York International Auto Show

Easter lilies toxic for cats, FDA warns
Nibbling a few leaves or licking pollen off fur can cause kidney failure, sometimes fatal, in cats

Watch: Lonely panda watches TV in China
Sijia appeared dejected and depressed and stopped eating properly after her companion moved out, so worried staff got her a television

Questions surround case of Utah mom accused of killing babies
Investigators are trying to understand how Megan Huntsman allegedly concealed pregnancies, killings of 6 newborns while advocates mull why she didn't seek help