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Chuck Hagel: ISIS "beyond anything we've seen"
Defense secretary denies intelligence failure doomed mission to rescue James Foley and other hostages, but warns ISIS "is beyond just a terrorist group"

When will police presence be cut back in Ferguson, Missouri?
Size, trouble, arrests at demonstrations have shrunk considerably, but number of officers hasn't

Now that ISIS knows about failed raid, can U.S. pull off another rescue mission?
After revelation of failed operation to free hostages, another attempt may prove difficult

Escaped hostage: "Oh my God, they're collecting us"
Photojournalist Matthew Schrier told "60 Minutes" Syrian rebels were "collecting" U.S. journalists; James Foley was among them

1st Russian aid trucks cross into Ukraine
According to Russian media, Moscow decided to start moving convoy across border without nod from Kiev as fighting rages

ISIS extremists emailed family before executing James Foley
Militants threatened that journalist would be killed and "your citizens will pay the price" for U.S. airstrikes in Iraq

Investigator: Kidnappers wanted to keep Amish girls as "slaves"
Details emerge on how 2 young sisters were grabbed from their family farm stand in northern New York and on the conditions in which they were held

"Pinocchio" villa for sale
The Italian villa where "Pinocchio" was written in 1883 is on the market for $25 million

Crumbling marriage key piece of former Va. governor's corruption defense
Bob McDonnell says he couldn't have been engaged in conspiracy to accept illegal gifts because he and his wife were barely speaking

Heavy rain sets off mudslides in fire-ravaged north Washington state
Wildfires left terrain barren and ripe for slides; motorists stranded on blocked highways; flash floods hit firefighters' camp

Peekaboo! What we can learn from playful beluga whale
Viral video of Juno the beluga whale playing with small children shows how social the species can be, but there's a lot we still don't know about them

Card comparison site gets sued for showing rates, fees
A sub-prime credit card issuer argues that publication of its rates and fees constitutes trademark infringement

Congressional investigators say Bowe Berghdal swap violated law
GAO says Pentagon failed to notify congressional committees before trading 5 Taliban leaders for POW and spent nearly $1M without authorization

Amy Van Dyken-Rouen takes first steps, posts on Instagram
More than two months after spinal cord injury, the six-time Olympic gold medalist is walking with bionic legs

NYC considers banning free toys with fatty meals
After attention died down on San Francisco's ban on toys in kids' meals, New York City reopens the debate

Robin Williams' ashes scattered in San Francisco Bay
A death certificate shows new details about the actor's resting place

?Fewer American teens using sunscreen, despite warnings
Warnings about sun exposure and skin cancer aren't getting through, experts say

City spiders bigger, more fertile than those that live in the country
Why certain city-dwelling spiders seem to thrive in an urban environment

Nursing moms protest Anthropologie's blunder
After the high-end store escorted a breastfeeding mom to the bathroom, a backlash ensued

New hack could steal personal info from G-mail, other popular apps
Researchers say personal data can be intercepted in six out of seven popular Android apps, and iOS could be vulnerable too